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Q: Who is involved with the development of Windfare? 

• Engineer: The Cullipher Group, P.A.

• Architect: Errol J. Warren

• Builder: S.F. Ballou Construction Co.

• Preferred Closing Attorney: John Harris

• Listing Agency: Mary Cheatham King Real Estate

Q: What can I expect to pay in terms of insurance?

A: Inclusive of coverage for property, general liability, wind & hail, umbrella and D&O along with flood for the buildings. Estimates are $3,000 per unit per year for all floor plans. The HOA will collect the insurance premium annually from each owner and as such this expense will not be recurring in the monthly HOA dues.

Q: How many floor plans are available?

A: Windfare has the option of four different floor plans to choose from. For Units 1-10, you can choose from the Shackleford plan or the Sand Dollar plan. For Units 11-18, choose from Bird Shoal plan or Wade Shore plan. You can find sketches of all four plans on the “Details” tab above.

Q: What will the monthly dues

look like? 

A: Monthly HOA dues are estimated to be around $332. This includes administrative/professional fees (management, office expenses, postage, misc.), marina fees (dock insurance, electricity to slips, maintenance and upkeep), repairs/maintenance fees (power washing, cleaning, lights, alarm system, sprinkler/fire system, lawn service, pest control), and utilities/service fees (electricity house panel, garbage, sewer).

Q: Will there be a capital reserve due at closing?

A: Yes, a $2,000 capital reserve contribution is required at closing. A $2,000 capital contribution will be collected at closing to build up the association’s reserves. 

Q: Do the units have elevators?

A: The architect has designed an elevator shaft for all four floor plans. The owner may decide to include an elevator option for $21,000 at the time of contract OR can opt to install an elevator at a later date. 

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